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Subject Topic: anyone still play magic Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by scoat88 on November/08/2004 at 4:19pm - IP Logged
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does anyone in this forum still play magic cuz when i started in this forum thats about all we talked about... cuz i would like to hear what u guys think of the new set

Like a midget in a urinal im going to have to stay on my toes

Message posted by Ulrich on November/16/2004 at 9:57pm - IP Logged
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Oh yeah, I still play quite a bit!  Sorry I don't check in here as often as I should.

The Magic community here in Portland, Oregon is still pretty big---the last prerelease drew 500+ players.

The new set has a lot of possibilities but I haven't seen a card that's a must have for most decks like Solemn Simulacrum or even Chrome Mox from Mirrodin.  I don't think there's a mechanic as strong as Affinity either but that's a high bar to meet.

I played a BG deck with 4x Kokusho's main and 4x Cranial Extraction in the sideboard at States and only went 3-3-1.   A better build of that deck won Washington states and I think BG will be good for awhile based on the strength of the black cards in CHK.

I just put together a WR deck which seems to do very well against affinity.  Samurai of the Pale Curtain just shuts down affinity---if nothing goes to the graveyard, the Disciple and modular don't work.  I also like the 2/1 legendary white creature which can be played as an instant and lets all your tapped creatures block---it can lead to some very big combat surprises.

I still see people trying to play UW but I don't think the blue counterspells in CHK will be quite good enough to make that viable again.  Time Stop is just too expensive against affinity or mono red.  I have heard of some interesting Kiki Jiki/Intruder Alarm decks popping up, though.

So what do you think of the new set?

Hi there

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