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Message posted by Ulrich on December/14/2003 at 8:48pm - IP Logged
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As I ate lunch after dropping from the PTQ decided that I'd play my Goblin deck in the GPT.  I had just thrown it in my bag as another deck to play, I wasn't planning on playing it and hadn't tested it at all against the expected metagame---it was a deck I'd adjusted to play my TerraGeddon deck AGAINST.  I had originally patterned the deck after the Belcher variants posted on the net.  I borrowed 4 Shock from a friend and added two to the deck and two to the sideboard.  I moved two of the Charbelchers to the sideboard to make room for two of the Shocks and went 4-1:

Round 1: won 2-0 vs. Tom S Worth (Red Deck Wins)

In game 1 I got a turn 2 Recruiter and survived two Tangle Wires to force through the win.  In game 2 I got a Matron and searched for the Recruiter, eventually getting some goblins in play despite three Rishadan Ports on the other side.

Round 2: won 2-0 vs. Ross C Freeman (Red Deck Wins w/Goblins)

This was pretty much speed against speed, and the Piledrivers were a bit too much.

Round 3: lost 2-1 to Nathan Saunders (Red Deck Wins)

I made a lot of mistakes against Nathan, such as blocking a Slith Firewalker with 2 counters on it with a Mogg Fanatic---I saw the die reading "2" and thought it was a 2/2 for some reason.  I flung the Fanatic at the Firewalker which was, of course, useless.  I also played a Recruiter when I meant to play a Piledriver---I just grabbed the wrong card.

Nathan controlled the two games he won with his Tangle Wires.  The Firewalker did the heavy lifting and he finished me off with Cursed Scrolls.

Round 4: won 2-0 vs. Aaron E Buffington (Scepter/Welder)

In game 1 Aaron had control of the board.  He had a Morphling in play and I had nothing but the Belcher.  Fortunately I got lucky: I Belchered him for 18 for the win when I was down to 5 life.  In game 2 I had a Goblin parade, then sealed the deal with a Boil.

Round 5: won 2-1 vs. Mike ? (Tradewind Rider/mana denial rogue)

Mike had a very interesting deck using Tradewind Riders and Seedborn Muse to be able to bounce things over and over.  In game 1 I had lots of little Goblins and eventually beat him down.  In game 2 he got the soft lock and started bouncing my land faster than I could lay it down, then crushed me.  In game 3 I got an early Recruiter, got some Piledrivers, and won.

I was ranked #1 going into Top 8 but lost in the first round to Ben's Psychatog deck (I didn't get his last name).  I crushed him in the first game but  after he sideboarded I had no answer to Chill in the last two games.

If this had been a deck which I'd tuned and actually planned to play I would have substituted Cursed Scrolls for the Belchers and Shattering Pulse for the Shatters, but otherwise it's a variant of a deck I've played for years and sometimes those little red men just win.

My deck list:

Goblins w/Belcher - 12/6/2003
for Grand Prix Trial - Anaheim 12/6/2003

1x Browbeat
2x Crash
2x Shock
2x Sulfuric Vortex

3x Chrome Mox
1x Goblin Charbelcher

3x Goblin Matron
1x Goblin Patrol
4x Goblin Piledriver
1x Goblin Ringleader
3x Goblin Recruiter
2x Goblin Sharpshooter
3x Goblin Warchief
4x Mogg Fanatic
2x Mogg Flunkies
1x Raging Goblin
1x Siege-Gang Commander
3x Skirk Prospector

21x Mountain

3x Boil
1x Crash
3x Flashfires
2x Goblin Charbelcher
2x Meltdown
2x Shatter
2x Shock

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