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Subject Topic: Advanced Warning! Pay Heed! Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by rwwllms on July/28/2004 at 5:43pm - IP Logged
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If you don't already have a DVD-Rom for your computer better start saving up now. Game code is getting longer and requiring more CDs to hold all of it. Which means more CDs to keep switching when installing a game. Far Cry came out on 6 CDs, Everquest II is going to take 10 CDs to install. Publishers are already starting to put out some games on DVD. By this time next year almost all games will be on DVDs. For those of you thinking "I don't play games all that much so this doesn't apply to me" you're wrong. The Gaming industry is continually pushing and advancing PC technology. When the Gaming industry makes the switch to DVDs all other PC software will soon follow suit. This means that CDs will soon be put aside like floppys were. Those of you who make your living using your home computer may want to consider getting Rewritable/Recorderable DVD players. Also software is using up more and more space on hard drives, so you'll need to get a larger hard drive too. Sart putting five dollars aside every week now so you won't be caught unprepared.

You have been now warned and informed so no whining about it a year from now.

Message posted by Donahoo on July/28/2004 at 10:56pm - IP Logged
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Myst IV Revelation - due to be released at the end of September - will be on DVD only.


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